Laminate Flooring In Stamford

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring combines the looks of natural wood with an MDF or HDF backing, laminate flooring is a product that brings together the artificial & the natural, making it a firm & solid flooring surface that can look just like a hardwood – or other surfaces – while not actually being one.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants a really affordable floor which looks just like real wood, stone or tile. Laminate is easy to fit, easy to care for & comes in a huge range of styles & finishes to suit just about any room.

Here at ColourBank, we provide a full range of laminate flooring, from the low-cost products for the DIY market to the higher quality products for customers who want the best in their properties.

Top end laminates are highly superior products with designs & looks very close to the wood & natural products they imitate.

Why you should choose solid or engineered wood flooring?

For many, you just can’t beat a wooden floor; the natural look, the feel, the warmth is incomparable. With the natural variation in tone, shade, knots & grain no two planks will be the same, you have a truly unique floor that will last a lifetime with a little bit of care & attention.

All our wood floors come pre-finished meaning they are ready to be fitted & can be walked on without further treatment. The boards come in a variety of finishes including matt, satin, gloss, stained, brushed & lacquered. We have the biggest selection in the area and offer expert fitting on the full range.

Wood Flooring

If you prefer the real thing then the wood option is a great choice, it screams authenticity & refinement. Oak, Maple and Walnut are the main types of wood used for flooring. They give a real cosy feel & look for any room you want to add an elegant finish.

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